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Malone, Wisconsin

Founded in 1978, the 375 goats at La Clare Farms in Malone, Wisconsin, provide milk for the Quality Dairy Goat Cooperative of Wisconsin, Carr Valley Cheese Company, and now, for the awarding winning Raw Goat’s Milk cheese Evalon as well as farm fresh La Clare Farms Chevre.



Evalon was the 2011 United States Cheese Championship winner, earning a score of 99.06 out of a possible 100 points in the prestigious contest. Young rising star cheese maker Katie Hedrich achieved this win by studying traditional Dutch cheese making, working with mentors including some Master Cheesemakers, and having a passion for good milk and good cheese. While the processes used for making the cheese are distinctly Dutch, the cultures actually come from Italian Asiago — a fusion of European traditions creating a wonderful American Original cheese.
Raw Goat’s Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 10 lb.
Q2900040 · Evalon
Q2900100 · Evalon w/Fenugreek Seeds
Q2900070 · Evalon Select (Aged 9 Months) 

Raw Goat Cheddar

This is aged goat cheddar that is sweet and fruity. It is great for cheese boards, appetizers, salads, shredding and melting.  It melts nicely for burgers or in recipes.

Q2900130 · Raw Goat’s Milk · Firm · Log · 5 lb.


Made with a mix of cow and goat's milk, this is a mild, creamy, fruity cheese with rich, cheddary notes.  As the cheese ages, the cow's milk develops the fruity characteristics, while the goat's milk develops sweet, tangy notes. This cheese was the 2015 ACS Best of Show 2nd place winner and the 1st place winner in the American originals category.

Q2900180 · Cow & Goat's Milk · Soft · 12/6 oz.


La Clare Chevre is a fresh, sweet and snowy white goat's milk cheese.  This can be eaten by the spoonful, or used in place of cream cheese or sour cream.

Q2910010 · Pasteurized Goat’s Milk · Soft · Tub ·  4 lb.

Goat PepperJack

Q2900155 · Chunk · UPC 855336004143 · Pasteurized Goat's Milk · Semi-Soft · 12/6 oz.



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