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Zingerman's Creamery

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zingerman’s began making cheese in 2001 with the desire to offer a traditional, old fashioned hand-made cream cheese at Zingerman’s Delicatessen in Ann Arbor. The success of this cream cheese led them to expand to a lineup of fresh cheeses. They source the cow’s milk from Calder Dairy and Van Buskirk Family dairy out of Carleton, Mi, and their goat’s milk from various small farmers throughout Michigan. Zingerman’s uses old-world techniques and time to preserve the flavor of the fresh milk. All cheeses are hand-ladled to preserve the characteristics of the curd. Most of the cheeses are named after Michigan towns.



Cream Cheese

An American Cheese Society Winner. Old fashioned cream cheese hand crafted from fresh milk and a generous dose of cream. This cream cheese is hand ladled and contains no preservatives or artificial additives, resulting in a delicious, fresh milky flavor.

Q3600312 · UPC 844397001970 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Tub · 6/6 oz.
Q3600020 · 5 lb · PRE-ORDER
Q3600010 · 10 lb · PRE-ORDER


Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese · Q3600255 · UPC 844397005770 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Tub · 6 oz. · PRE-ORDER


Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese · Q3600260 · UPC 844397005763 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Tub · 6 oz. · PRE-ORDER


Fresh Goat Cheese

This fresh goat cheese goes from farm to cheese in less than 24 hours. Using patience and long drain times during production the result is a bright and citrusy flavor.

Q3600282 · UPC 844397002007 ·  Pasteurized · Goat's Milk · Soft · Tub · 6/6 oz. 



Cream Cheese with fresh garlic, capers, toasted caraway and touch of anchovy. This traditional Hungarian spread includes farmstead hot and sweet paprika straight from Hungary. This spread brings a complex and unique flavor to every bite.

Q3600252 · UPC 844397001994 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Tub · 6/6 oz. 


Pimento Cheese

A Southern favorite making it’s way North. Zingerman’s makes their Pimento Cheese with coarsely ground 1 year cheddar, adding mayo, roasted piquillo peppers, cayenne and a little salt and pepper to taste.

Q3600222 · UPC 844397001987 · Psteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Tub · 6/8 oz. 
Q3600160 · 5 lb · PRE-ORDER

City Goat

Only the best milk is used from small Michigan goat farmers. Low temperature pasteurization is used to preserve as much flavor as possible. The cheese is hand ladled and the texture changes with age from light and airy to firmer and crumbly. This cheese has a bright, clean, and slightly citrusy taste.

Q3600202 · UPC 844397002113 · Pasteurized · Goat's Milk · Soft · Wheel · 6/6 oz. · PRE-ORDER


The Manchester

Through gentle pasteurizing and slow culturing of the milk, this cheese is able to retain the character of the milk. Heavy cream is added and a savory, earthy flavor develops. As this cheese ages it becomes denser with creaming around the edges and the farm flavors become more pronounced. 

Q3600340 · UPC 844397001956 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Wheel · 8 oz.


The Bridgewater

This cheese looks like a snowball with its round shape and white molded rind. It is filled with cracked Telicherry peppercorns for a full-flavored peppery zing complimenting the slight citrus and gentle mushroom notes of the paste.

Q3600375 · UPC 844397004681· Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-soft · Log · 1.5 lb


Lincoln Log

Similar to the classic bucheron, this is a dense, soft-ripened goat cheese log. The log is creamy with a mild flavor that finishes with hints of citrus and just a slight bit of mushroom.  Covered in a thin bloomy rind it is about 4 inches in diameter.

Q3600400 · UPC 844397002441 · Pasteurized · Goat's Milk · Semi-soft · Log · 1.75 lb



Detroit Street Brick

2006, 2007 and 2012 American Cheese Society Winner. Detroit Street Brick gets its name from the brick street in front of Zingerman’s Delicatessen. This goat cheese is aged 2–5 weeks and has a white bloomy mold rind. It is studded with fresh cracked green peppercorns. The cheese is dense and slightly crumbly with a bright lemony tang. Over time a savory and spicy quality develops and the cheese turns to a dark ivory color.  

Q3600430 · UPC 844397002465 · Pasteurized · Goat's Milk · Semi-soft · Loaf · 1.25 lb

Little Napoleon

Made by very gently hand-ladeling the goat’s milk curd into molds for the fullest flavor development. A small, mold-ripened goat cheese with a butter color rind which develops blue mottling with age. As Little Napoleon ages it changes its flavor and texture from soft and gently acidic to firm with a full goat flavor. This appeals to all goat cheese lovers.

Q3600490 · UPC 844397002106 · Pasteurized · Goat’s Milk · Soft to Firm · Wheel · 6/3 oz. 



Zingerman's wraps their signature Jersey cow's milk cheese in cabbage leaves to create this cheese.  The leaf wrapping alters the flavor and texture as it ages, enhancing the earthy and complex notes of the rich Jersey milk.  An excellent table cheese, also try putting on the grill before opening the leaves for just a few minutes.

Q3600900 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-soft · Wheel · 8 oz. · PRE-ORDER
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