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Green Dirt Farm Cheese

Weston, Missouri

Set in the bluffs above the Missouri River Valley about 40 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri, owners Sarah Hofmann and Jacqueline Smith share a commitment to bring the best farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses to the marketplace. Synthetic chemicals, hormones unnecessary antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides are never used on their pastures. The sheep are moved to new pasture every 24 hours, which ensures the animals receive the best nutrition possible. 


Dirt Lover

Dirt Lover is styled after A classic ash-dusted French farmhouse cheese. It has an edible white bloomy rind that reveals an underlying layer of vegetable ash. When cut, it shows a lovely black border created by the ash just under the white rind. This ring, and the cheesemakers love of the soil, is the inspiration behind the name.  In spring, Dirt Lover has a  firm and dense consistency with a nuttiness balanced by the savory notes of the ash. In summer, this cheese is  firmer when young and develops a creamy ring just under the ash which expands as the cheese ages. As it ages, flavors deepen and become earthy and buttery with a hint of citrusy tang. It is aged for at least two weeks and reaches its peak at six to eight weeks.
Q5600040 · Sheep's Milk · Pasteurized · Soft · 5.5 oz. Wheel


Woolly Rind

Woolly Rind is Green Dirt Farm’s version of a classic Camembert. It has a lovely edible white bloomy rind that is sometimes mottled with flecks of tan, blue or orange during the aging process. The cheese has a firm body when young and becomes softer and creamy as it ripens. At its peak, Woolly Rind becomes runny at room temperature.
When young, Woolly Rind tastes of milk and grass with a slight tanginess. As it ages it develops a lovely forest floor aroma and buttery, mushroomy flavors with a natural sweetness to the rind. Woolly Rind is aged for at least two weeks and reaches its peak at about six to eight weeks.
Q5600010 · Sheep's Milk · Pasteurized · Soft · 6 oz. Wheel

Fresh Sheep's Milk Cheese

Q5600070 · Plain · Pasturized · Soft · 6/4 oz.
Q5600100 · Garlic Pepper · Soft · 6/4 oz. 
Q5600130 · Rosemary  Soft · 6/4 oz.