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Di Stefano

Ponoma, California

The family-owned Di Stefano is based in Southern California. Di Stefano Burrata is hand-made with extreme care, passion and dedication. Their cheese is made using Italian panna (cream) that results in a creamy, moist and supple filling with an incredible shelf life. Amazing on pizza and flatbread, or simply drizzled with olive oil and balsamic sauce.



Burrata Alla Panna

Pasteurized Cow’s Milk.  Ball of fresh mozzarella with a soft and creamy center made of stracciatella and cream.                   

Q5100070 · UPC 850066002803 · Ball · Soft · 24/2 oz. · Preorder 
Q5100009 · UPC 850066002797 · Ball · Soft · 12/4 oz. 
Q5100030 · UPC 850066002018 · Ball · Soft · 6/8 oz. 

Truffle Burrata

Di Stefano's world-famous burrata combined with Imported Italian white truffle shaffings and wrapped in a thin mozzarella shell.

Q5100005 · Ball · Soft · 12/4 oz. · Preorder


An Italian cheese that is thick and creamy and an essential ingredient in Italian recipes like Tiramisu and cheesecakes.  

Q5100180 · UPC 850066002179 · Soft ·  12/8 oz. · Preorder
Q5100185 · 6/1 lb · Preorder


This is the creamy center that makes Burrata so famous and irresistable.  Made by hand at Di Stefano by shredding fresh mozzarella and mixing it with cream.

Q5100160 · Soft · 6/1 lb · Preorder
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