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Cod, Gooseberry

Gooseberry Cove has always been a fishing community. In 1992, poor management and international factory trawling led to the cod fishery’s collapse and ultimately the collapse of Gooseberry Cove’s economy. Extremely low quotas forced a couple fishermen in Gooseberry Cove to devise an innovative ranching system to fatten cod in captivity, yielding more pounds of cod while taking fewer fish from the ocean. The flesh has a large flake and delicate flavor. The fillets are thick with a high moisture content. Raw fillets are white to pinkish in color, and cooked it is opaque white. Gooseberry Cove Cod can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. All Gooseberry Cove Cod are caught and ranched. The cod of legal size are trap caught with no habitat destruction or bycatch. Then the fish are transferred to captivity to fatten up. The cod are fed a natural diet of baitfish that the farmers catch themselves. The feed comes from abundant local Newfoundland stocks of capelin, herring, squid, and mackerel.

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