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Sablefish, Farmed - Gindara

Sablefish is commonly known as Black Cod. Although it resembles a cod, it is not a member of the Codfish family. Gindara Sablefish is premium sushi-grade Sablefish. It is grown from egg to plate in partnership with the Kyuquot Checleseht First Nations who have lived in Kyuquot Sound for centuries and spent the last 15 years perfecting rearing techniques for a healthy Sablefish. The partnership is based on mutual respect of nature and the environment, and the desire to produce the world’s best fresh Sablefish. Gindara Sablefish has a rich buttery flavor, firm white flesh and a balanced oil content. It has a large flake, velvety texture and cooks up to a snowy white. It is easily prepared in a variety of cooking methods and is excellent smoked. Gindara Sablefish is sustainably raised in net pens in the pristine ice-cold waters of Kyuquot Sound, Vancouver Island, Canada. The farm is completely integrated and the Sablefish are fully traceable. The fish are fed a diet high in omega 3 amino acids and free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Dedicated staff provide care 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and they guarantee year-round availability. 

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