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Salmon, Atlantic

Atlantic salmon is a silver-skinned fish with distinct dark blue-green, cross-like spots over the body and head, and above the lateral line.  The underside of the fish is nearly all white and its flesh color ranges from pink to deep orange.  Farmed Atlantic salmon are commonly available on the market weighing between 8lbs and 16 lbs.  Atlantic salmon is Native to the East Coast of the United States and Europe; it is farmed on both coasts of North America, South America, Australia and Europe.  Salmon farms in British Columbia are predominantly located on the east coast of Vancouver Island.  The flesh of farmed Atlantic salmon is firm, moist, and oily and has a large moist flake. Its flavor is delicate.  Atlantic salmon is farmed in an open system meaning cages or pens floating in the open ocean.  The feed consists of fish meal, fish oil and vegetable proteins usually from soy beans.


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