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Red Drum, Royal Redfish

The marine Red Drum is commonly known as Redfish or Spottail. It is a game fish native to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and is found in coastal waters from Massachusetts to Tuxpan, Mexico.  It’s most distinctive feature is one or more large black spots on the tail.  The spot tricks predators into targeting the tail of the fish rather than the head, allowing the Red Drum the chance to get away.  


The light, white meat tastes mild, not bland. It has a robust texture that adapts well to many cooking methods.


Red Drum is raised on a 400 acre land based farm in south Texas. Their brooders produce fry, baby fish, in an enclosed hatchery, and they are then stocked in an enclosed saltwater pond systems. All of the water is sourced from the Matagorda Bay system directly. The Red Drum are fed a high quality diet of grains, vitamins, minerals and fish meal proteins from the largest feed producers in the Southern United States. Matagorda Bay Red Drum is free of hormones, antibiotics and pollutants.  



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