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Pompano, Farmed

Pompano, Trachinotus carolinus, is a flat-bodied fish with silvery skin in the Jack family. In the wild, these fish inhabit the waters from Virginia to Texas but primarily off the Florida coast. Fortune’ s farmed Pompano is raised off the coast of Laguna de Chiriqul, Pamana. Pompano is similar to Permit and has a firm but finely flaked meat with a sweet, mild flavor. The flesh is pearly white, high in omega-3 fatty acids, and has a moderate fat content. Pompano are reared in land based tanks, and then transferred to ocean pens in areas of high current in the pristine waters of Panama. They are raised at low stocking densities of 10kg per cubic meter. The fish are raised without the use of hormones, and the feed is free of GMO ingredients and artificial colorants. In addition, the farm does not use chemicals or antifouling agents in the process of raising the Pompano.








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