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Meagre resembles a bass in shape, but is very different in many respects. It belongs to the Sciaenidae family. In the wild it typically lives in deep water in the Mediterranean, the Black sea and the Atlantic coast, but is often found in shallow and rocky seabeds. It can reach up to about four feet in length and can weigh up to 65 pounds. Meagre’s low fat white meat is very moist and tasty. The flesh has a firm texture similar to Corvina, and can be prepared a variety of ways. The history of Meagre in aquaculture is quite recent. The first trials with wild broodstock were conducted in the south of France. Starting from 1996, fry production has been very limited. In 1998, Greece began farming Meagre. Now the farm is fully vertically integrated. The Greek hatchery has achieved the highest productivity in the Mediterranean region. With the use of biological filters, they have developed a water recycling system, which protects the fry from various diseases, reducing water consumption and minimizing environmental impact. The fish are raised for 16-20 months in floating cages in the deep, strong currents off the coast of Greece. The fish are fed a nutritious fishmeal and fish oil diet derived from fish harvested from certified fisheries. The feed is GMO-free.

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