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Lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus, is actually not Cod at all.  It is more closely related to Sablefish and Pacific Rockfish.  Lingcod probably were named by European fishermen who thought the long, thin fish looked like their native ling and had the white flesh of a cod.  Lingcod is a dark gray to brown colored bottom dwelling fish that inhabits the West Coast of North America.  These fish grow quickly, up to 80 pounds, and can live more than 20 years.  

Lingcod are a very versatile fish, with a beautiful white, flaky meat.  It's flesh is naturally blue-green when raw but cooks up snow white. 

Lingcod are caught by trawls, handline jig and longline gear.  Lingcod are well managed under the Pacific Coast Groundfish Management Plan, and the population is above target levels.  

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