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Cod, Pacific

Pacific Cod or Alaska Cod is brownish sometimes grey with spots on the upper two thirds of its body. Pacific Cod is fished in deepwater in the North Pacific. It has a distinctive barbel beneath its chin and a broom shaped tail. It belongs to the Gadidae family which includes Haddock, Pollock, Hake and Hoki. Cod is an important commercial fish.

Pacific Cod has thick meaty fillets that are low in fat. Pacific Cod have a slightly higher percentage of water than Atlantic Cod and a maybe a little softer. The differences in taste are very slight. Raw fillets are white to pinkish in color, and cooked it is opaque white. 

Pacific Cod is caught by using trolling, pots, gillnets, hook and line and trawls. It is typically caught farther away from populated areas, so it is most often frozen. The Alaska Pacific Cod fishery is Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable. 

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