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Sant Aniol


Aigua de Sant Aniol comes from a spring formed 40,000 years ago, protected by privileged land in the La Garrotxa Volcanic Park (Girona). Aigua de Sant Aniol rises to the surface from 55 meters depth after being slowly filtered over time, providing unrivalled purity. The water has low mineral content, and is believed to have many health benefits, making it recommendable for daily use and to prevent multiple ailments.  It is especially recommended for children and for use in low sodium diets.


Sparkling Water

S1920100 · EAN 8424372001038 · 12/1 L
S1920110 · EAN 8424372007535 · 15/750 mL

Still Water

S1920130 · EAN 8424372001014 · 12/1 L
S1920140 · EAN 8424372007511 · 15/750 mL

Love Water

S1920150 · Sparkling · 12/1 L
S1920155 · Still · 12/1 L


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