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Green Sheep Water

Chicago, Illinois

Green Sheep's Mission:  To create positive social and environmental change through business, by creating well-crafted products that better serve consumers and the world alike.  

Americans send more than 38 billion water bottles to landfills every year.  Only 31% of plastic bottles make it to the recycle bin, and of those, only a portion of the plastic is able to be recycled. Plastic gets 'downcycled'.  It loses quality and volume during recycling, most never being turned into a new bottle.  Green Sheep bottles its water in aluminum, which is able to be recycled again and again without losing volume or quality.  Unlike glass (which is also infinitely recyclable), aluminum is light weight.



Still Water

Bottled water in aluminum bottles.  Water from a Glacial Aquifer in the United States (where most bottled water is imported from Europe).  Perfectly pH balanced with naturally occurring electrolytes.  They take the greatest care to endsure the water in the Green Sheep bottles is as fresh and pure as it gets.

O3130010 · UPC 855432003002 · 12/16 oz.