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Escolar (Walu)

Consumed in Asia and European countries as well as the United States, and found in tropical waters worldwide. Escolar is Spanish for “school,” and it gets its name from the spectacle-like rings around its eyes. It is also known as Walu in Hawaii and Fiji. In the United States, Escolar primarily comes from the Gulf of Mexico. It is caught as by-catch during Tuna fishing. Escolar is usually consumed raw as sushi or sashimi. The raw meat is flavorful and oil-rich, comparable to the fattiest Tuna. The flesh is bright white to cream color and cooks up snow white. In large quantities, Escolar can cause intestinal upset due to its high oil concentrations. Escolar are not able to metabolize the wax esters called gempylotoxin, which are naturally present in their diet. These oils collect in their flesh and are the reason for their satiny texture and mouth feel. These wax esters are large oil molecules which are difficult for people to digest in high quantities. Escolar are caught as by-catch of the Tuna fishery usually by long-line. 

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