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Bass, Hybrid Striped

Hybrid Striped Bass was brought about in response to the decline of wild striped bass. It is a cross between the striped bass and the white bass.  The result combines the edibility of the wild striped bass with the hardier, faster growing characteristic of the white bass. The Hybrid Striped Bass can be distinguished from the wild striped bass by broken rather than solid horizontal stripes on its body.  These hybrids are better suited for aquaculture because they are more resilient to extreme temperatures and lower oxygen levels.  They can tolerate both brackish and freshwater.  Hybrid Striped Bass is a mild fish with a delicate, sweet flavor and medium flaky texture.  It appeals to a wide range of consumers.  The raw meat is translucent white with a pinkish hue. It turns opaque white when cooked.  The oil content keeps the fish moist during cooking. Hybrid Striped Bass are grown in ponds or tanks.  The water quality and feed are controlled to ensure a consistent flavor.  Hybrid Striped Bass are available year round.

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