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Spanner Crab


The Spanner Crab, is most commonly caught in the pristine tropical waters off the coast of Queensland.  Spanner Crab is a marine animal and inhabits inter-tidal waters to depths of more than a hundred meters, from sheltered bays to surf areas.  The Spanner Crab prefers bare sandy areas.  They are usually found buried in the sand, from where they launch attacks on passing prey such as small bottom dwelling fish.  The meat is brilliant white, succulent sweet and delicate.  It is unique in that the crab meat is sold raw, which keeps its natural moisture content and texture when cooked.  The raw crab meat can be easily sautéed, made into crab cakes, (The meat binds to itself for a 100% all meat crab cake), used for a stuffing or as you would any other crab meat.  Spanner Crabs are caught on traps called Dillies.  The Dillies consist of netting stretched around a frame, which rest on the ocean floor.  The Spanner Crabs walk over the dillies and get their spiky walking legs “stuck” on the net and then are hauled up for harvesting.  This harvest method virtually eliminates all by-catch.  Once the Spanner Crabs are on board they are placed into a tank which continuously sprays a fine mist of salt water chilled to 16 degrees over the crabs, which keeps them moist and healthy until they arrive at the processing factory.
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