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White Toque, Inc. is the leading importer of European specialty prducts.  They strive to find the highest quality ingredients and bring totally unique frozen items to the market.  They guarantee the quality of all their ingredients and finished goods, because they only work with European companies that have the strongest standards of quality.

Escargot In Shell With Butter

The extra large Helix lucorum have tender meats and are pre-packed into shells and finished with garlic parsley butter.  

8561Z678 · 2/2.2 lb · 144 ct

Retail packs come with an aluminum tray ready to bake and serve.

8561Z675 · UPC 825414565033 · 10/4.4 oz. · Pre-order

Escargot Canned

Extra large Helix lucorum packed in a can

86400140 · 72 count · 28 oz.
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