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In 1988, the Elverta and Wilton farms became the first commercial sturgeon farming operation in California using sustainable farming practices and tank reconfigurations. Soon, the farms, stocked with world-famous white sturgeon, began producing caviar.  Several years later in 1993, and thanks to the ongoing collaboration with U.C. Davis and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Elverta and Wilton farms became the first in the world to produce commercial quantities of caviar from tank-raised sturgeon.


In 2006, Stolt Sea Farm California LLC changed its name to Sterling Caviar and continued to operate four farms in California: Elverta, Wilton, Elk Grove and Ione.  In October 2020, Sterling Caviar and its farms were acquired by its new owner, Eugene Fernandez, a New York entrepreneur/businessman intent on growing the aquaculture business while adhering to the work ethics and principles taught by his late father.  Sterling Caviar is a leading producer of domestic caviar, serving the most discerning chefs, customers, and caviar connoisseurs both in the U.S. and abroad.

Sterling Caviar strives for transparency and their caviar is fully traceability – from the farm to your table. The white sturgeon is farmed in an environmentally responsible manner that respects the species, the environment, the communities, staff, and customers.  The water from their farms comes from the California foothills, supplying pristine water used to tend to their family of stock.  The broodstock dates back over 30 years.



Royal Caviar

Sterling Royal-grade White Sturgeon caviar has a rich, full, buttery, and mildly sweet flavor.  The salty sea aroma of this caviar will take you back to the ocean, making you appreciate this sea delicacy on another level.  Sterling Royal has medium to large and semi-firm to firm pearls that will surely add a luxurious touch any way it is used.

93900010 · 30 gm
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