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Silano is a contemporary supplier of Imported Italian Foods. The brand prides itself on a rigorous endeavor for superior quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. All products are sourced directly from Italy and best reflect the traditions and culture of its respective region. By periodically visiting with producers, Silano can offer its customers the finest selections of Italian products that satisfies the needs of chefs in any kitchen. The Silano brand is destined to become a household name for reputable Italian ingredients that are distinguished for its high quality.



Marinated Mussels

86401162 · UPC 812081010393 · 12/8 oz. 

Mixed Seafood Salad

86401164 · UPC 812081010331 · 12/8 oz.

Marinated Octopus Pieces

86401166 · UPC 812081010386 · 12/8 oz.

Marinated Baby Squid

86401168 · UPC 812081010379 · 12/8 oz.

White Anchovies

86401020 · UPC 812081010287 · 12/8 oz.
86401030 · UPC 812081010416 · 4/1 kg


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