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For more than 70 years, Pacific Sustainable Seafood has served the oceans by harvesting, processing, and distributing the highest quality and best tasting seafood to their consumers.  They believe strongly that it is everyone's responsibility to serve the oceans through continuous commitment to sustainable fishing practices.  This commitment helps to protect not only the longevity of the oceans but also the ecological balance within them ensuring fishing for generations to com.  Pacific Sustainable Seafood is still a family run company.  Although they have grown substantially in size, their commitment to being family focused and customer focused has not been compromised.


Classic Crispy Battered Fish

Each piece is deep skinned and flash frozen at sea to retain flavor.  This product is all natural and gluten free.  

W2210160 · Cod · UPC 659204340032 · 12/10 oz.
W2210200 · Haddock · UPC 659204440039 · 12/10 oz.
W2210120 · Halibut · UPC 659204240035 · 12/10 oz.

Italian Breaded Sole

Using only wild harvested Sole from the ice-cold Alaskan waters.  The white, all natural fillets have a mild favor that is enhanced by the Italian breading.  Gluten-free

W2210300 · UPC 659204540012 · 12/9.5 oz.

Parmesan Crusted Cod

Wild harvested Pacific Northwest cod with a a gluten-free parmesan breading.  Gluten-free

W2210740 · UPC 659204341183 · 12/9 oz.

Panko Fish Sticks

Alaskan pollack breaded and battered in a gluten-free panko crust.  Gluten-free

W2210780 · UPC 659204860028 · 12/9 oz.



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