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Located on the bank of Lake Superior, Northern Wtaers Smokehaus is a small, fun loving, easy-going company that planted its roots in 2001.  While maintianing their location, they have found immense success producing mouthwatering smoked seafood, particularly salmon and meats.  As a result, they have since been able to grow almost ten times as large.  They use only the highest quality boneless Atlantic salmon that they hand-trim, marinate, smoke and package all in-house.  Comprised of a well-rounded group of individuals, Northern Waters Smokehaus knows how to make a product that appeals to the masses.

 Hot Smoked Salmon

91000140 · Traditional · 1/5 lb
91000150 · Black Pepper · 1/5 lb
91000160 · Cajun · 1/5 lb
91000180 · Dill · 1/5 lb
91000215 · All Season Fillet · 1/2.5 lb


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