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Calvisius Caviar

Calvisius Caviar is produced in Calvisano, a small town in northern Italy where invaluable pure water sources support farming of the most prestigious species of sturgeon.  Founded in the mid 1970s, Calvisius is one of the largest producers of farmed caviar in the world, supplying much of the high-end markets throughout Europe.  The clean taste and high quality of their caviar is unique, as Calvisius is both farmer and producer, giving them control over every aspect of the sturgeons' life. Sturgeon is the common name referring to 25 different species of prehistoric fish.  They have remained virtually unchanged since the earliest fossil records.  Sturgeon are very slow-growing and long lived fish.   In addition to providing a lean, high protein meat, its biggest value is its production of large eggs.  Most sturgeon do not mature or begin their reproductive cycles until 10 years of age.  At Calvisius each female sturgeon is tended to and cared for individually, and each caviar tins is labelled and traceable to the sturgeon it came from- traceability to the fullest extent.
What sets Calvisius apart is a combination of passion, environmental respect, cutting edge production methods and traditional techniques.  Their long harvest season from October to April allows them to provide year round Malassol quality priemium caviar (Malassol is the Russian term for low in salt, usually below 4%).


Tradition White Sturgeon

The tradition caviar comes from the White Sturgeon.  White Sturgeon caviar is smooth and slightly nutty, with a firm texture.  The translucent color of the eggs, can vary from warm brown to charcoal-gray or jet black. Calvisius' traditional White Sturgeon caviar has an intense aroma and an unmistakable flavor, this exquisite caviar is larger than 3mm. 

94400040 · 10 g
94400080 · 28 g
94400120 · 50 g


Oscietra Classic

Oscietra is cultivated from the Russian Sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedti, sustainably farmed in the Ticino Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Park running from the Swiss Alps through Northern Italy.  This is truly a pristine, untouched part of the world.  The water is a mix of natural spring water and snow-melt, imparting a pure clean taste in the caviar.  Oscietra Classic is characterized by a firm, large-grain egg (2.7mm -3mm) that is usually dark grey, dark brown and sometimes black in color with a golden hue.  The caviar is exquisite with a rich, nutty, creamy flavor. 

94400340 · 28 gr

Oscietra Royal

Oscietra Royal is rigorously selected from the finest quality Russian sturgeon roe.  It takes approximately 10-12 years to harvest these large grain eggs (2.8-3mm) with their velvet smooth and compact texture and distinctive bronze hues.  The egg membrane is thick and firm, colors varying from brown to dark brown with shades of golden amber.  The flavor is delectable and complex, its aroma evokes the smells of the sea.  It is exceptionally high quality caviar with pleasant intense nutty notes accompanied by a long lasting buttery flavor.  
94400820 · 10 g
94400860 · 28 g
94400940 · 125 g


The perfect way to enjoy Calvisius caviar.  100% fresh, never frozen, the Calvisius Blini are made in France and flown to the US to preserve freshness. 

94413155 · Packs · 10/4.76 oz. 

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