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Calvisius Caviar

Since the late 1970s, Calvisius has set the gold standard in sustainability and superior taste for farmed caviar, from its 150 acres of sustainable aquaculture pools. Their farm is located in Calvisano, between Milan and Venice, and in the Ticino Park, closer to Varese, also in Northern Italy. Italy’s mountain spring water and the care and time, tracing the life cycle of every sturgeon, results in various types of excellent caviar. Innovations and the latest technologies assure the highest levels of environmental safety standards.

Calvisius was one of the first companies in the world to create a large scale sturgeon farm in the 1970s: to date it is, in fact, the most cutting edge farm with respect to the know-how for the production of caviar and the strictest sustainable practices. Calvisius produces the largest variety of caviars in the world and is an industry benchmark in terms of farming standards, quality and quantity of the caviar produced. Their state-of-the-art sustainable practices include replenishing rivers worldwide with previously endangered stocks as Calvisius specializes in cultivating pure sturgeon breeds. 


One of the main reasons behind the quality of its caviar is the fresh spring water in which sturgeons are raised, making the resulting caviar superior even compared to its wild counterpart. Moreover, the highly-methodical process employed allows us to extract the eggs at the right time, when they are perfectly ripe. Calvisius, in fact, knows that the value of time is ultimately the main ingredient for producing excellent caviar. It can in fact take up to 22 years to produce high-quality caviar, depending on the sturgeon species.


Calvisius is Friend of the Sea certified Sustainable.




Black Caviar

Calvisius Black is obtained from White Sturgeon roe.  It is slightly heat treated to preserve the aromas and flavor profile of fresh caviar.  It presents a firmer texture than the Tradition White Sturgeon caviar.

94400005 · 28 gm
94400010 · 100 gm

Tradition White Sturgeon

The tradition caviar comes from the White Sturgeon.  White Sturgeon caviar is smooth and slightly nutty, with a firm texture.  The translucent color of the eggs, can vary from warm brown to charcoal-gray or jet black. Calvisius' traditional White Sturgeon caviar has an intense aroma and an unmistakable flavor, this exquisite caviar is larger than 3mm. 

94400040 · 10 gm · pre-order 
94400080 · 28 gm
94400120 · 50 gm · pre-order


Oscietra Classic

Oscietra is cultivated from the Russian Sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedti, sustainably farmed in the Ticino Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Park running from the Swiss Alps through Northern Italy.  This is truly a pristine, untouched part of the world.  The water is a mix of natural spring water and snow-melt, imparting a pure clean taste in the caviar.  Oscietra Classic is characterized by a firm, large-grain egg (2.7mm -3mm) that is usually dark grey, dark brown and sometimes black in color with a golden hue.  The caviar is exquisite with a rich, nutty, creamy flavor. 

94400340 · 28 gm

Oscietra Royal

Oscietra Royal is rigorously selected from the finest quality Russian sturgeon roe.  It takes approximately 10-12 years to harvest these large grain eggs (2.8-3mm) with their velvet smooth and compact texture and distinctive bronze hues.  The egg membrane is thick and firm, colors varying from brown to dark brown with shades of golden amber.  The flavor is delectable and complex, its aroma evokes the smells of the sea.  It is exceptionally high quality caviar with pleasant intense nutty notes accompanied by a long lasting buttery flavor.  
94400820 · 10 gm · pre-order
94400860 · 28 gm
94400940 · 125 gm · pre-order

Classic Siberian Sturgeon

Siberian Classic is a caviar extracted from the Siberian sturgeon. A medium-sized fish with a weight between 8 and 40 kg (17.6 to 88.2 lbs), originally found in the fluvial basins of Siberia (from the Ob to the Kolyma rivers) and Lake Baikal. This caviar boasts a strong character and is very versatile.  The size of the egg differs with the age of the sturgeon (from 2.5 to 3mm) and its color ranges from grey to amber.  The time required to harvest this caviar is 8 years.

94400560 · 10 gm · pre-order
94400600 · 28 gm  
94400640 · 50 gm 
94400680 · 125 gm · pre -order


The perfect way to enjoy Calvisius caviar.  100% fresh, never frozen, the Calvisius Blini are made in France and flown to the US to preserve freshness.  Shelf life of 30 days.

94413155 · Packs · 10/4.76 oz. 

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