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Fortune sources the finest fresh frog legs available from Florida. These frog legs are caught individually by one fisherman. They are gigged one by one from the side of his airboat during the night in the swamps and lakes throughout Central and South Florida and the Everglades. The frogs are carefully cleaned by hand and skinned using a catfish fork. Fresh frog legs typically run 10-15 pairs per lb. Pre-orders are always encouraged. 

Fresh Domestic Wild Frog Legs

43000000 · per lb


Frozen Domestic Wild Frog Legs

43000010 · per lb

IQF Imported Farm-Raised Frog Legs

43015101 · 4-6 · 5 lb pack/30 lb box
43015102 · 6-8 · 5 lb pack/30 lb box
43015103 · 8-12 · 5 lb pack/30 lb box
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