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Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms

Delevan, Wisconsin

Steve and Darlene Pinnow raise and process lamb on their farm in Delavan, Wisconsin.  Their high quality product is known for its sweet taste and remarkably juicy and tender consistency.  Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms has developed a special feeding program to enhance the flavor of the lamb and is hormone and antibiotic free.
All lamb are under 10 months of age, are at a live weight of 130-140 pounds, are a choice finish and have been grain fed for at least 60 days.
*Pinn-Oak is all pre-order to ensure you receive the freshest product.  Orders are due by Thursday for delivery the end of the following week.*
L0900010 · Shoulder

L0900040 · Shoulder Bone-In  

L0900070 · Loins

L0900100 · 8 Rib Rack - Chine Bone Off

L0900130 · Spare Ribs

L0900160 · Sweetbreads

L0900190 · Neck

L0900220 · Livers

L0900250 · Hearts

L0900260 · 8 oz. Loin Chops (previously Frozen)  2ea/pack

L0900280 · 8 oz. Loin Chops Fresh  2 ea/pack

L0900300 · Ground 20% Fat

L0900310 · Ground 

L0900340 · Leg

L0900400 · Leg BRT

L0900430 · 8 Rib Rack Frenched

L0900460 · Loin Boneless

L0900490 · Whole DoubleLoin

L0900520 · Stew Meat

L0900550 · Whole Lamb

L0900580 · Whole Lamb Small

L0900610 · Boneless Breast

L0900640 · Bones

L0900670 · Heads

L0900700 · Shank

L0900730 · Bone in Chop

L0900760 · Tongue

L0900790 · Saddle

L0900820 · Belly

L0900850 · Brains

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