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You can choose beef based on what you see on the package – or what’s in it. Pre has one ingredient: beef, full of flavor, not antibiotics. Because no one ever said, “pass the antibiotics” at the dinner table. Pre beef has no added hormones, and absolutely no GMOs, that would be weird. They believe in treating animals with respect and source from New Zealand and Australia where nutrient-rich grasses grow year-round. All of their beef is cut and trimmed by hand in Chicago. These things make them different, they’re okay with that. Because they meticulously, relentlessly and uncompromisingly created Pre® for one person. You.
Pre searched the world over and has left no blade of grass unturned to find the best beef from the most trustworthy sources.  Their strictly enforced standards and 15-points of curation empower them to bring you the most tender, juicy, grass-fed and finished beef in the world.  The beef comes from grass-fed animals, and to get the best meat, the best grass is required.  Pre searches to find the regions with the lushest grass and works with those farmers to ensure that they follow Pre’s strict guidelines.  Pre also believes that cows produce great milk, yet only Heifers and Steers produce the best tasting steaks.  Pre shows that the work going into maintaining these strict standard produce the best beef and it proves itself consistently with the flavor.  Grass fed and finished, no added hormones or antibiotics, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vacuum Sealed.
 Pre-order only.

Ground Beef

M9000100 · 85/15 · UPC 863441000004 · 4/1 lb.
M9000110 · 92/08 · UPC 863441000011 · 4/1 lb.
M9000120 · 95/05 · UPC 863441000028 · 4/1 lb.

Tenderloin Fillet

M9000210 · UPC 863441000073 · 4/5 oz.

Serloin Butt Steak

M9000320 · UPC 863441000080 · 4/8 oz.

Strip Steak

M9000425 · UPC 863441000066 · 4/10 oz.

Boneless Ribeye

M9000525 · UPC 863441000059 · 4/10 oz.

Chuck Roast

M9000140 · UPC 863441000253 · 4/1.5 lb.

3:1 Patties

M9000125 · 85% · UPC 863441000035 · 4/5.33 oz.
M9000127 · 92% · UPC 863441000042 · 4/5.33 oz.


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