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Portland, Oregon




Thaan Thai Style Charcoal 

Thai-style binchotan extruded log charcoal.  This charcoal is made sustainably from orchard grown rambutan fruit wood.   This is a wonderful alternative to commercial charcoal.  Thaan charcoal burns clean, allowing the flavor of the food speak for itself without the mask of charcoal flavor.  This is particularly good used where binchotan charcoal is traditionally used.  haan charcoal is long burning, and clean with low ash and low smoke.  It burns with consistant, even heat, making it very easy to cook with.

U5120620 · 22 lb bag
U5120605 · 6/5 lb case

Thaan Large Lump Charcoal

Oak & Mesquite wood.

U5120615 · 20 lb bag

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