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CalPAC Black Garlic


Local craftsman source, ferment, and age this culinary gem using ancestral practices handed down through generations learned in Japan. Fermenting quality garlic with proper care and technique brings out its many layers of flavor. Notes of dried fig, raisin, and balsamic are present along with the aroma of black truffle and grape must.



Whole Black Garlic

Whole Black Garlic Bulbs, fermented in an ideal environment. Craftsmen patiently mind the fermentation of the bulbs for around 30-45 days, which yields a wonderfully versatile ingredient full of aroma, texture, and flavor.

96526500 · 10/17.6 oz


Black Garlic Molasses

A standout ingredient for the chef with a keen eye and creative mind. Black Garlic Molasses is a wonderfully complex symphony of flavors playing in perfect harmony. Nutty, savory, dried fruit, roasted garlic undertones with a natural sweetness. 

96602400 · 6/250 mL


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