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Snapper, New Zealand

New Zealand Snapper, Pagrus auratus, belongs to the sea bream family, and is New Zealand’s most iconic species. Prized for its colorful golden scales with light blue spots. In Japanese folklore it is the symbol of fortune, and is typically used as the centrepiece in celebratory feasts.

Snapper is found mainly in the upper half of New Zealand, from Golden Bay north in water depths of 30-300 feet.  These snapper are caught via long-line, from a day-boat fleet and this results in the best-quality eating fish imaginable. New Zealand’s snapper fishery is managed by the Quota Management System.
New Zealand Snapper is rich in a naturally occuring amino acid called glycine which results in its characterictic sweet flavor. It is a must-have item for any menu.
The flesh is light with a pinkish tinge, and cooks up white, with medium flake.

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