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New Zealand Greenlip Mussels

The New Zealand Greenlip Mussel is has brown/green shells with green lips around the edges as its name indicates.  It is one of the largest mussel species growing to over 8 inches, however market size is usually 3.5-4 inches.  Native to New Zealand, Greenlip Mussels are grown on ropes, rafts or long-lines.  Water quality and growing standards are highly regulated by the New Zealand Government so quality is consistently high.  Because they are grown on ropes suspended above the ground, they rarely contain sand.  Unlike other mussels, the Greenlip Mussel gapes slightly in its natural state.  The shell will close tightly when the mussel is subjected to strees, freshwater or rough handling.


Greenlips are sweet, tender, delicate, plump and juicy.  Mature males have a creamy white flesh, whereas the females have apricot-orange meats.  The meat color has no effect on the flavor.


Studies have found that there is evidence that Greenlip Mussels can aid with inflammation associated with arthritis.

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