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Shark, Mako

Mako Shark is a robust and streamlined pelagic shark with large, well developed eyes and a warm blooded-like circulatory system. They have striking coloring with deep purple on the dorsum, silvery sides, and a white bottom. Mako Sharks have rapid growth rates, twice as fast as some other Sharks, including the closely related Great White Shark. Mako Sharks can be found worldwide in warm temperate and tropical waters. Mako Shark is considered the best of all Sharks to eat. The flesh is dense and meaty making it exceptionally versatile. It is low in fat with a medium full flavor. Mako meat is similar to Swordfish, but is generally a little darker and moister. Its pinkish-white flesh will lighten during cooking. Mako Sharks are an extremely fast and active fish, caught mostly by hook and line. The domestic Mako Shark fishery is regulated by the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service.

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