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Caribbean Spiny Lobster Tails

Caribbean Spiny Lobsters are found in coastal waters from North Carolina east to Bermuda, throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico south to Brazil. They have a spiny hard shell for protection instead of large front claws. The tails of these lobsters are yellow or reddish brown to green or even bluish with four large spots and black at the end of its tail fan.


Raw tail meat is nearly translucent with a pink, cream or whitish gray tint. Cooked meat is snowy white with red tinges. Caribbean Spiny Lobster tails have meat with a firm to medium texture and mild, sweet flavor. These warmwater lobster tails are low in saturated fat and a very good source of protein and selenium.


These lobsters are caught by divers. They typically use hooks to catch the lobsters, preferring not to damage the lobster with spears. Traps are also a common method for catching Spiny Lobster.  

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