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Hiramasa, Baja

Baja Hiramasa, Seriola lalandi, are raised in a land based recirculating aquaculture system nursery, then grown out in net pens off in a bay in southern Baja California. The original stock was bred from fingerlings produced at Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute which is renowned for developing methods of raising high-value marine fin fish using sustainable ocean practices. Baja Hiramasa are responsibly farmed without the use of antibiotics or paraciticides. The fish are fed a sustainably sourced protein, an omega rich meal derived from sardines. Semi-automated feeders and cameras are used to prevent overfeeding and the release of excess organics in the environment.  
Baja Hiramasa has a buttery texture and bright, mild flavor similar to Hawaiian Kampachi and less fatty than Japanese Hamachi.  It is perfect for sushi, crudo or grill presentations.  Whole fish are running 6-7 lb. each and pre-cut fillets 2-3 lb.  


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