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Velvet Bees Honey Butter

Minneapolis, Minnesota

While flipping through a dusty old cookbook, the honey butter recipe was discovered. The velvety texture and addictive taste comes from just five simple ingredients and a unique process. The little jars of golden bliss have a delicate flavor that perfectly drip, drizzle, smear, and slather on any culinary concoction. Ride a wave of nostalgia back to childhood and bring a smile to your face. Locally made, world renowned—a legend in the making. Try Velvet Bees Honey Butter on all your favorites: toast, pancakes, popovers, fruits, vegetables, desserts, and cheeses



Honey Butter

U2730250 · UPC 608729492474 · 12/8 oz.
U2730260 · 4/32 oz.
U2730265 ·  1/5 gal · PREORDER


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