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A modern, mouthwatering tribute to the Lebanese classic. Toom Garlic Dips disrupt the same old hummus routine and bring color back into your life! Adventurous flavor bombs are the perfect sidekicks to snacks, veggies, and meats. This different-than-anything-else dip keeps its cult following coming back for more. See why shoppers are making room for Toom. Your taste buds will say whoa, yum, BOOM. 



Buffalo Garlic Dip

Hints of cayenne and garlic were always destined to come together in holy dipamony. 

W2042200 · UPC 860001165111 · 6/8 oz. 


Original Garlic Dip

The one, the only, the original flavor that started it all. Garlicky, lemony and so, so yummy. 

W2042205 · UPC 860001165104 · 6/8 oz.


Pesto Garlic Dip

Yes it's green. And, yes, it's the most refreshing garlic dip to ever grace your lips. 

W2042210 · UPC 860001165128 · 6/8 oz.



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