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The Brinery

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Brinery is a business founded on the necessity of preservation. Birthed from the deep soils of Tantre Farm, David first began fermenting as a method of preserving a field of autumn cabbages. This initial foray into artisinal methods of storing food, a nod to primordial traditions, led to the wide variety of products produced at the Brinery today. David and the Brinery team continue to maintain their early values: a commitment to lactobacillus as a direct path to digestive enlightenment and great health, and infatuation with Michigan farmers and the heartbeats of their fields, and a meaningful zeal for the creative and original.  All products are raw and unpasteurized as well as 100% hand-made and hand-packed.



Fair n' By Sauerkraut

A classic sauerkraut made with just cabbage and sea salt.  This is the official kraut of Zingerman's Deli Reuben sandwich.

U5400010 · UPC 860004989233 · 6/16 oz.
U5400015 · UPC 617353339062 · 1 Gal. 



Stimulus Package Sauerkraut 

A traditional white kraut spiked with caraway seed for a bit of that Old World flavor. Stimulus Package contains nothing more than Michigan green cabbage, caraway seed and sea salt.

U5400100 · UPC 860004989240 · 6/16 oz.
U5400105 · UPC 617353339130 · 1 Gal.



Storm Cloud Zapper Sauerkraut

Red beets and ginger give this kraut a deep, purple hue and sweet, spicy kick.

U5400120 · UPC 860004989257 · 6/16 oz.



Galaxy Rose Sauerkraut

This ruby red sauerkraut is made from organic watermelon radish and green cabbage.  The flavor has an unexpected sweetness with a mild, radishy bite.

U5400110 · UPC 86000498288 · 6/16 oz.



Sea Stag Sauerkraut

Preserving the energy of the sea and the land by combining green cabbage, carrots and burdock root with a mix of nutrient dense sea vegetables and turmeric. 

U5400070 · UPC 860004989271 · 6/16 oz.
U5400074 · 1 gal

Oh Gee Kimchi

Spicy, vegetarian kimchi. Seasonal kimchi rotating with the seasonal vegetables.

U5400172 · UPC 869866000285 · 6/16 oz.  


Sriracha Sauce

The Brinery claims this sriracha sauce to be 'like an explosion of fireworks in your mouth'. This is not a sriracha sauce for those looking to sprinkle in just a little heat, this is hot.  Made from wild fermented garlic and field ripened jalepeno peppers.

U5400412 · UPC 617353339161 · 12/8 oz.

Aura Solanales

Louisiana Style hot sauce.  A combination of peppers with vinegar, salt and garlic.  Raw and unpasturized, but still shelf stable.

U5400429 · UPC 869866000209 · 12/5 oz.

Original Tempeh 

U5400433 · Food Service Packs · 12/1 lb



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