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Terlato Kitchen

Bannockburn, Illinois

The Terlato family is well known for quality wine and they now carry the same high quality standards to their line of small batch foods with Terlato Kitchen.  When cooking for family and guests the Terlatos use only the finest ingredients. Food is prepared using traditional family recipes or inspirations from travels around the world.  Starting with their sauce, Terlato worked to make a jarred sauce that did not have an artificial taste or overcomplicated ingredient list.  Terlato Kitchen crafts their delicious specialty foods in small batches as if they were prepared in their kitchen at home.  Authentic recipes and hand selected ingredients are used for highest quality.  




Small Batch Pomodoro Sauce

Artisan tomato sauce from an age-old Terlato family recipe.  This all natural sauce is made in small batches using only San Marzano tomatoes and a handful of fresh ingredients. 

O0500040 · UPC 748252561541 · 6/24 oz.




Small Batch Arrabbiata Sauce

Terlato's family pomodoro sauce in a slightly spicier version for those who prefer a bit of a kick.

O0500120 · UPC 748252561640 · 6/24 oz.




Small Batch Vodka Sauce

This tomato sauce is made with a touch of vodka to help bring out the hidden flavor of the San Marzano tomatoes.

O0500080 · UPC 748252561749 · 6/24 oz.




Small Batch Puttanesca Sauce

A classic puttanesca sauce with whole capers and chunks of olives.  A briney flavor for a true puttanesca.

O0500125 · UPC 748252200891 · 6/24 oz.




Small Batch Tomato Basil Sauce

Their Tomato Basil sauce combines flavorful San Marzano tomatoes and imported Italian olive oil with the brightness of basil.  It is all natural and containes no added sugar, no gluten and no GMO ingredients. 

O0500135 · UPC 637405889901 · 6/24 oz.





Dark Chocolate & Almond Soft Biscotti

Soft and chewey biscotti full of delicious dark chocolate chunks and crunchy whole roasted almonds.  Eat straight from the box or warm slightly in the oven. 

O0500700 · UPC 645759007582 · 12/16 oz. · PREORDER

Tart Cherry and Pistachio Soft Biscotti

This soft biscotti is chewy and full of plump tart cherries and pistachios. Wonderful served warm after being finished in your oven.

O0500680 · UPC 748252386052 · 12/16 oz. · PREORDER







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