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SuckerPunch Gourmet

La Grange, Illinois

David, founded SuckerPunch in 2011 with the idea of creating a better pickle.  A stay at home dad and part-time illustrator allowed him the flexibility and time to grow his idea into a business.  Tired of the pickle choices out there, David decided to experiment to come up with his own pickle.  After months of trial and error, he finally came up with what he believes to be that exceptional pickle.  A pickle that, at first bite, has you taste a touch of dill and sweetness, then POW! You get Sucker Punched with the spice and garlic.  Expanding on the new pickle creation, David was used to adding pickle juice to his Bloody Marys so figured he would take that one step further and puree the pickles right into the mix to give it a thick consistancy. Inspecting the ingredient lists you will also find that SuckerPUnch pickles and Bloody Mary mixes are lacking the high fructose corn syrup, additives, preservatives, gluten and GMO of so many other brands.
The mascot of the brand is John L. Sullivan.  John was the first heavyweight champion of the world, his last bare-knuckled fight lasting 75 rounds.



Spicy Garlic Original Pickles

The pickle that started it all. These pickles are in chip form, and were created to make a better all around pickle.  Made with dill and sweet, then true to the name you get Sucker Punched with spice and garlic.  A truly unique pickle experience.  

U4800132 · UPC 859994006006 · 6/24 oz.


Spicy Bread n' Butter Pickles

Made similar to their originals, but offer 15 different spices and less sugar than most other pickles you will find.

U4800122 · UPC 859994006013 · 6/24 oz.

Sweet Onion Spears

U4800142 · UPC 859994006471 · 6/24 oz.

3-Pepper Fire Spears

U4800152 · UPC 859994006495 · 6/24 oz.

Classic Dill Spears

U4800162 · UPC 859994006358 · 6/24 oz.

Classic Dill Snack Pack

U4800300 · UPC 859994006686 · 12/3.4 oz.

Bread & Butter Snack Pack

U4800305 · UPC 859994006709 · 12/3.4 oz.

3-Pepper Snack Pack

U4800310 · UPC 859994006693 · 12/3.4 oz.


Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix

Made using their Original pickles, brine and tomato juice.  The perfect cocktail to get you going, with a PUNCH. Drink it as a vegetable juice cocktail or add your favorite vodka.

U4800100 · UPC 859994006037 · 12/32 oz.


Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

A spicier version of their original, they added just a hint of pure Ghost Pepper Chili mash to spice things up for you.

U4800110 · UPC 859994006020 · 12/32 oz.



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