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Sogo Snacks

Decorah, Iowa

Sogo Snacks is a small, family owned and operated business in beautiful Decorah, Iowa. They make healthy snacking easy with a variety of tasty, conveniently packaged snack sticks that are: low or no carbs, high in protein, made from one hundred percent grass-fed and finished beef verified by Project Non-GMO, pasture raised and free range, never confined to a feedlot, and never given hormones or antibiotics. Their allergen friendly products contain no gluten, soy, MSG, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, or sesame


Original Beef Sticks

U5321000 · UPC 824906031032 · 24/1 oz.


Smokey and Sweet Beef Sticks

U5321010 · UPC 824906031049 · 24/1 oz.


Jalapeno Beef Sticks

U5321020 · UPC 824906031056 · 24/1 oz.


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