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Ristoris, an Italian Specialty producer, who takes great care over each choice that leads to the product: only in this way we can talk about excellent quality. Raw materials are rigorously selected, wherever possible preferring products of Italian origin.
Processing takes place following the same principle and is therefore seasonal, “from fresh product”, in certified factories following the strictest international standards. Our way of thinking is summed up in our product  line, a meeting point between the best raw materials and innovative processing methods.


Semi-dried Red Cherry Tomatoes

Bright red cherry tomatoes from the south of Italy cut into halves and partially oven dried and seasoned with natural herbs and olive oil. 

U5040050 · 6/750 g

Semi-dried Yellow Cherry Tomtoes

Yellow cherry tomatoes cut into halves an dpartially oven dried and seasoned with natural spices that bring out the extra flavor in many dishes

U5040055 · 6/750g


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