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Conway Dressing

Franklin Park, Illinois

For over 100 years, Conway dressings, sauces and marinades have turned salads from ordinary to extraordinary and complemented chef’s culinary creations- from burgers and wings to grilled seafood and chops - in amazing restaurants throughout the country. Small-batch production, quality ingredients, traditional recipes and a focus on food service have been the keys to Conway’s five generations of success and customer satisfaction.




Farm Kitchen®Ranch

A delicious mayonnaise base Ranch dressing prepared with sour cream and buttermilk.  Serve as a dip or with Buffalo wings.  Tastes as if it were made from scratch.  Gluten Free. 

81501005 · 4/1 Gallon

Triple Chili Pepper Ranch

Carefully blended Chipotle, Pasilla and Ancho chili peppers deliver varying levels of up front and back of the mouth heat along with their   subtle berry raisin cocoa flavor nodes.  A touch of Sriracha and cilantro in this buttermilk based product delivers a dressing and sauce like no other.  Gluten Free. 

81501070 · 2/1 Gallon

Creamy Cole Slaw 

A sweet white creamy cole slaw dressing prepared with a mayonnaise base to create a slaw dressing that will keep your cabbage from weeping. Celery seed is added for taste and appearance.  Gluten Free. 

81501040 · 4/1 Gallon

Blue Cheese Classique

Top quality blue cheese, a lot of it, is added it to a sour cream base with buttermilk, mayonnaise and onion to create a true classic.  Conway uses a smaller crumble in the cheese to ensure a better distribution.  Gluten Free. 

81501071 · 4/1 Gallon

Classic Caesar

A traditional blend of olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, anchovy, and  pepper in this non-separating dressing.

81501072 · 4/1 Gallon

Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette

A fabulous tasting vinaigrette dressing with raspberries, raspberry vinegar and pure honey.  Simply top off with fresh raspberries for a delicious salad or use as a dip with fresh fruit.  Cholesterol free, low sodium and only 34 calories per ounce.  Gluten Free.

81501061 · 4/1 Gallon

Pomegranate Acai Vinaigrette

A delicious sweet and tart vinaigrette dressing comprised of white balsamic vinegar, pomegranate juice, honey, Acai, onion, garlic and shallots crowned off with lemon grass and rosemary.  Noted for their health benefits, these exotic fruits instill a nice flavor to your specialty salads, appetizers, sandwiches and wraps.  Gluten Free.

81501060 · 2/1 Gallon

Roasted Garlic Red Wine Vinaigrette

A contemporary red wine vinaigrette dressing blended with olive oil, roasted garlic and spices.  Great marinade and terrific on Portobello mushrooms, artichokes, antipasto or drizzled over Italian style sandwiches.  Gluten Free.

81501013 · 4/1 Gallon 

Athenian Dressing and Marinade

This unique recipe is a blend of Feta cheese, black olives, red wine vinegar and garlic.  Excellent as a dressing or marinade.  Gluten Free.

81501015 · 4/1 Gallon

All Natural House Aged Balsamic

Aged Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, shallots and green onions will make this vinaigrette a  “House” specialty. Add your favorite crumbled cheese or drizzle on wraps, sandwiches or even pizza. Gluten Free.

81501010 · 2/1 Gallon

Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing

An authentic Far East recipe of soy sauce, sesame seed oil, garlic, ginger, rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds.  The perfect dressing for an original Asian chicken salad, dip or marinade.

81501020 · 4/1 Gallon

Farm House Thousand Island

A mayonnaise base dressing with sour cream, chili sauce, ketchup, sweet relish, capers, egg yolks, red bell peppers, sesame seeds and green onions. An excellent dressing, sauce or spread for sandwiches or hamburgers.

81501025 · 4/1 Gallon

Tartar Sauce

A thick, mayonnaise base Tartar Sauce with a flavorful combination of dill relish, onions and sugar. Holds firm on a hot seafood patty or fillet and is great for dunking shrimp, calamari or other finger foods.

81501035 · 4/1 Gallon

Seafood Cocktail Sauce

This is no ordinary seafood sauce. Enjoy the flavors of chili sauce, celery, red bell pepper, pickle and special spices. Clings nicely to chilled shrimp.

81501045 · 4/1 Gallon

Creole Honey Mustard

This delicious hot but sweet mustard features Poupon and Pommery mustards mixed with honey and brown sugar. This one will add some Creole flair to your burgers, sandwiches, wraps and other dishes.  

81501063 · 4/1 Gallon

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Dressing

Use as your “House Special” Remoulade sauce for crab cakes or as a dipping sauce for finger foods, chips or veggies. This versatile product is thick enough to use as a spread or on the side for dipping your specialty sandwiches and wraps. Cut with vinegar for an extraordinary house vinaigrette. Gluten Free.

81501065 · 4/1 Gallon


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