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Chicago Johnny's

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Johnny's started as a giardiniera company out of the family basement.  Family members hand cut vegetables, hand packed the mason jars and used a glue stick to hand label the jars.  Giardiniera was driven around the city and delivered to Italian markets.  The family recipes have been released and Chicago Johnny's products are now more widely available for everyone to enjoy with true Chicago flavors.



Hot Giardiniera

Serrano peppers, carrots, cauliflower and celery in seasoned olive oil.  Made to enhance flavors of Italian beef sandwiches, grilled cheese, pizza and anything else that needs a flavor boost.

84700110 · UPC 700953759764 · 12/16 oz
84700150 ·‚Äč 4/1 gallon




Pizza Seasoning

Add a bit of heat and a flavor to your pizza, kicking up your pizza a notch. 

84700290 · UPC 612520371548 · 12/3 oz


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