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Appleton, Wisconsin


A Wisconsin institution since 1937, Quaker Bakery takes pride in continuing to use the company’s original recipes. The four key ingredients in bread—flour, water, salt, and yeast—are the critical components Quaker Bakery’s masterful bakers utilize in decades-old recipes to create the handmade appearance and natural, simple taste which Quaker Bakery and Golden Home brands represent. They use special flour known to produce light and mouthwatering breads. They use only fresh yeast to ensure that perfect homemade appearance and texture. Their claims of high quality products produced in their bakery are supported through a high rating by AIB International, the nation’s premiere third party inspection company.



12" Original Thin Pizza Crust

U1620010 · UPC 023402087103 · 10/3 ct


7" Original Thin Pizza Crust

U1620020 · UPC 023402087158 · 10/5 ct


12" Whole Grain Thin Pizza Crust

U1620030 · UPC 023402087202 · 10/3 ct


7" Whole Grain Thin Pizza Crust

U1620040 · UPC 023402087257 · 10/5 ct


12" Sprout Thin Pizza Crust

U1620050 · UPC 023402087332 · 10/3 ct


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