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Pastry 1

Carlstadt, New Jersey

Innovation, technology and quality are the focus of Pastry 1. Pastry 1's success and solid dependability are due to the expertise from leading chefs and brand management skills of Paris Gourmet. 



Sheet (Bronze)

U4100305 · 300 ct


Sheet (Silver)

U4100300 · 400 ct

Sheet (Gold)

U4100310 · 500 ct

Powder (225 Bloom)

U4100317 · 1lb


Cold Process Instant Pastry Cream Mix


 For the preparation of instant pastry cream that can be used by itself, lightened with whipped cream, or as a base for chiboust, souffle mix, mousse, etc.

U2520525 · 11lb bag

Hot Process Pastry Cream Mix


Natural stabilizer for hot process pastry cream.

U2520530 · 33 lb bag
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