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Since 1979, our mission has always been to make the best tasting cookie around. That’s why we do things a little bit different than the big guys. First, we believe that real stuff tastes better, which is why we start with all natural ingredients just like you’d find at home. It may be trendy to have a “clean label”, but we’ve been using real ingredients since the very beginning. Learn more about each of our high-quality ingredients below. Next, we bake the cookies with care in ovens that, for over 30 years, have delivered a perfectly soft texture. Finally, we package the cookies while warm to lock in the fresh-baked taste. Because of each cookie’s unique size and shape, they must be hand-packed. It might be a simple recipe – use only real stuff and bake it with care – but the result is anything but simple. It’s ridiculously delicious.



Chocolate Chip

W6623015 · UPC 079746240018 · 12/10.5 oz. 

Oatmeal Raisin

W6623025 · UPC 079746200050 · 12/10.5 oz. 

Peanut Butter 

W6623020 · UPC 079746220034 · 12/10.5 oz. 


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