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Leggera Romana Pinsa



Pinsa (Par Baked)

Pinsa is a hand-pressed dough inspired by ancient Roman bakers. The name comes from the Latin term, "pinsere" which means, "to push the dough by hand". Pinsa is taking over pizza-obsessed Italy for its irresistible texture and easy digestibility. 
Festa's artisans are now making it by hand near Salt Lake City, Utah. Their artisan process and pinsa's high moisture retention give it a distinctive and irreistible texture - crispy on the bottom and light and air in the center. 
Pinsa dough has 85% less fat, 100% less cholesterol, and 50% less calories than regular pizza dough. It is low in gluten, vegan, and keto friendly while being free of artificial preservatives or added sugar.

U1603000 · 28 ct


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