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Sue, the founder of Kakookies, began making Kakookies for her daughter when she was a collegiate cyclist.  She created a cookie that would satisfy their hunger and sustain energy.  An oatmeal cookie recipe power packed with nuts and chia seeds was born and soon her business was born.


Almond Cranberry Bites

Crafted with the perfect balance of almond crunch, chewy whole grain oats and dried cranberries, plus a touch of coconut and chocolate chips, these soft-baked cookies are an ideal partner to your day. 

U1401230 · UPC 857175005015 · 6/8 oz.

Boundary Waters Blueberry Bites

Taking the best of blueberry muffins and homemade granola, Sue crafted this chewy Kakookie to be filled with antioxidant rich blueberries, apples, and nutrient rich sunflower seeds, making it a popular nut free cookie. 

U1401250 · UPC 857175005039 · 6/8 oz.

Dark Chocolate Mint Bites

U1401275 · UPC 857175005299 · 6/8 oz.


Cashew Blondie

U1401240 · UPC 857175005022 · 12/1.69 oz.


Dark Chocolate Cranberry

U1401260 · UPC 857175005046 · 12/1.69 oz.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 

U1401270 · UPC 857175005251 · 12/1.4 oz.


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