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Williamstown, NJ

Started in 1999 by Damien Rabut, Euro Classic Imports is an importer and distributor of specialty European frozen baked goods. Damien grew up in France. When arriving in the United States to study in 1991 he immediately embraced the American culture, but he missed the buttery, puffy french pastries. In 1999 he launched Euro Classic Imports. 



Brioche Hamburger Buns

Fully baked, ready to thaw and serve hamburger buns. Conveniently presliced. 

W1750930 · Presliced ·  84/10.58 oz.
W1750940 · Dinner Rolls · 168 ct

Chocolate Swirl Brioche

Coffee cake-style French brioche swirl.

W1750920 · 16/14.11 oz.


W1751010 · UPC 891071001726 · 15/2/4.4 oz.

French Baguette 

W1751020 · UPC 891071001719 · 15/8.81 oz. 

French Braided Brioche

Traditional French Brioch loafe. Made with low gluten wheat flour and cage free eggs. Wonderful for breakfast, snack or brioche french toast. 

W1750950 · 12 ct

French Cheese & Cream Swirl Brioche

Coffee cake-style French brioche swirl.

W1750910 · UPC 891071001078 · 16/14.11 oz.

French Cinnamon Swirl Brioche

W1750900 · UPC 891071001016 · 1/300 pc


French Demi- Baguette

W1751030 · UPC 891071001689 · 15/2/5.29 oz. 

French Mini Rolls

W1751040 · UPC 891071001702 · 15/6/1.76 oz. 

Authentic Waffles

Baked in the Netherlands. Caramel between two thin stroop waffles. Frozen, ready to thaw and serve.

W1750700 · Belgian Crispy Butter · 400 ct
W1750720 · Dutch Caramel Stroop · 15/10.22 oz.

Brioche French Hot Dog Buns

W1750605 · UPC 891071001498 ·  102 ct


Berry French Mini Beignets

W1750855 · UPC 891071001115  · 16/case


Chocolate French Mini Beignets

W1750860 · UPC 891071001108  · 16/case


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