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Traditional French butter from New England.  This 83% European Style cultured butter is made in the traditional European method.  Made just hours after the milk is extracted from the cow, this rich and creamy butter is the freshest it can be.  Kept frozen to maintain freshness.  Chefs are able to use 25% less of this 83% butter than 'normal' butters due to the high fat and lower moisture content. Beurremont has 3% more butter fat than other high fat butters.  Creates light and flaky pastries and creamy and rich creams and sauces.



Beurre de Tourage Sheet Butter

Unsalted European style butter in 2.2 lb sheets.  Minimum of 82% butterfat.  Frozen for freshness.

U25207650 · 10/2.2 lb


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