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Quince Paste


The unassuming quince has been one of the most important fruits in human history; though the fruit is rarely eaten in its fresh form, the naturally high pectin content has made quince essential in canning, jamming and preserving fruits for thousands of years. Today, Spanish artisans employ traditional, low-sugar recipes to make this sweet and sour paste, called “membrillo,” that is the iconic cheese accompaniment of Spain.



Quince Paste

S1720020 · Matiz · 3.3 lb
S1720040 · Corazon del Sol · UPC 666785692405 · 18/8.4oz
S1720010 · Santa Teresa · large tub · 2/6.37lb
S1720000 · Santa Teresa · retail tub · 12/6 oz

S0722080 · Quince Membrillo ·  Forever Cheese Inc. · UPC 825325000173 · 12/10 oz. 


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